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Ballroom Bliss - free resource center
Guide to Ballroom Dance-techniques
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Waltz Balls- How to do Viennese
Latin dance
US Swing Dance Server
Country western and Swing
How to do the Minuet
English Country Dance Diagrams
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LOC American Ballroom Companion
LOC Western Social Dance: Overview
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Renaissance Dance
Social Ballroom Dancing Article
Lindy Thesis
Swingstreets Dance History page
The Costume Page
dance etiquette by Aria
beyond dance etiquette by Aria
dance floor etiquette -Lindy
etiquette -country/western
dance floor etiquette-swing
history of ballroom dance
history of latin dance
vintage (19thcentury) FAQ
historic social dance
what is Morris dancing?
what is English country dance?
what is the Minuet?
team and pattern dances
what is contra dance?
modern square dancing
what is round dance?
what is cancan?
what is clogging?
the basic shag step
history of western swing
west coast swing articles
syncopation in music and dance
Computer Software
AOL dance software list
Ballroom Dancers Glossary
A large glossary of dance terms at ballroomdancer site. Smooth and Latin, American and international.
Raper's Dance Dictionary for Social Dances
Also contains discussion of "universal unit system".
Definitions from Elements of English Country Dance
Definitions can be of interest to contra and sqaure dancers.

Descriptions of Steps

Ballroom Bliss     free Ballroom resource center          
"This site offers free ballroom and Latin dance information, how to info, video demonstrations, technique, advice, choreography, etiquette, humor and more, (and noannoying ad or ad pop ups!) all free and provided by Christopher Pilarchik, a 12 year ballroom and Latin dance professional instructor/competitor/performer. "
Ballroom and Swing
"lessons are designed to give basic instructions for the beginner. These are organized in order, so we recommend starting at the top and working your way down"
Latin dance, history, origin, technique, basic steps, the clave
"we plan to grow our collection of articles, so keep coming back to see what is new! For your pleasure and entertainment we now have articles on the Background and Evolution of the major Latin dances, Tips on dance Technique and Timing, Descriptions of the Basic Steps and Choreography, and a lot more!"
Square dances, mixers, contra dances, line dances
"Dancing for Busy People" site includes square dances, contra dances, quadrilles, mescolanzas, trios, mixers line dances, and books, articles, and references. Pages with dance descriptions and terminlogy
Historic Social Dance
Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble is available for performances, workshops, and programs of various lengths, themes, and historic eras.
Each program is individually created for the presentation site, event or theme, and
includes narration about the dances, social customs, and fashions of the historic era represented.

History and Research

Library of Congress American Ballroom Companion
Large collection of Dance Instruction Manuals converted to electronic form (plain text and graphic reproduction). Dated material, but interesting nonetheless. Prior to 1920.
Western Social Dance: An Overview of the Collection
(1)Burgundian Dance in the Late Middle Ages (2)Renaissance Dance (3)Transition from Renaissance Dance to Baroque Dance (4)Baroque Dance (5)Late Eighteenth-Century Social Dance (6)Nineteenth-Century Social Dance (7)Ragtime Dance (8)Antidance Treatises (9)Writing of Dance History
ISDT Home Page
ISDT home page. List publications and prices. Lots of information about examinations.
The Costume Page
Author writes "The Costume Page, my personal library of costume and costuming-related links. I'm sharing it for the benefit of those who study and/or make costumes: costumers, students, historical re-enactors, science fiction fans, professionals, amateurs, dancers, theatrical costumers, trick-or-treaters, writers, researchers, and all those interested in fashion, textile art, and costume history." Good place to look for costumes for theme or period dance events.


RAD Book Selections
If you are struggling with trying to remember all those figures you learn in class, here is a list of books that describe them step by step! I especially recommend the books with footprint charts, (until you learn how to read the chart style books).
Books on Dance
A more or less comprehensive list of books on ballroom dancing (more than 70 titles). Included is brief description of contents, as well as a short list of mail order suppliers.


Websurfer's Guide to Ballroom Dance:

Dance Tempi:
Information about tempi and style for basic dances (NZ, Australia, UK, International)
The History of Dance:
Rec.Arts.Dance list of Frequently Asked Questions:
Tons of information about ballroom, country, swing, folk, and all sorts of other dance. Collected over the years from the newsgroup
Don Herbison-Evans Dance Page:
A collection of links and articles Don has collected and written. Well-researched and extensive.
Article About Social Dancing
"The book by Alex Moore was originally published in 1936 and went through nine editions during his lifetime. The ninth edition was 1986. After his death, the ISTD changed the official definitions of some of the figures. They split some of Alex Moore's long figures into two short figures. Finally, in 2002, Moore's book was revised to a tenth edition to bring it into line with the new official definitions. This article refers initially to the tenth edition; an appendix at the end of this article gives corresponding references to the ninth edition."


Antonio Vargas "Your Key to Flamenco" series:  61 2 9319 3570
Official site Antonio Vargas - master, choreographer and actor, featuring information on his latest activities and link to purchase his newly released flamenco DVDs, filmed in Spain.
Subscription based DVD media service for teachers/students to improve Tap and Jazz technique with new teaching methods. 

Authentic Jazz dance instruction:
Victoria Leach
Combing Jazz and moderndance
2204 westcourt lane #212 Herndon, VA 20170 

Absolutely DANCE!:
This site offers numerous resources to those wanting to learn to dance, including wedding dance lessons in all kinds of dance. A good resource for all kinds of dancers. 

Hiphop Dance Videos:

BodyWorks By Chandani Middle Eastern Belly Dancing:
BodyWorks By Chandani teaches group belly dance classes, private lessons and specialized workshops to beginner through advanced students. 

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