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This Page is Gateway to many Mid-Atlantic and DCDanceNet pages. The Dance Style section provides current information on Dance Venues in the Washington DC area from Argentine tango to zydeco. General information includes variety of information such as Dance floor rental, Dance Camps, wedding resouces and instructional information. To see complete list of pages select sitemap on the navigation bar and for overview of Mid-Atlantic DanceNet connect to the Main Page.

Check out these pages

Mid-Atlantic and DC area Studio Websites

Ballroom Dance Websites around the USA

Bands, and Music Sites

Argentine Tango
Special events, regular events, classes, eMail posts, and links.

Belly Dance & Oriental Dance

Blues, Cajun, Zydeco Washington, DC area, Links, Events, Venue

Clogging groups in the Washington, DC area. "What is stepdance/clogging?" and other articles.

Contra and English Country Dance
Dance Events in Washington, DC area. Links to instruction material on English country and contra dance.

Country Western
Country Events, classes, eMail posts of upcoming Events, and links.

Folk and Historic Dance
Page provides links to pages with information on folk dancing Events in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virgina. Links to national pages on Vintage dance, Renaissance dance, Baroque dance, and English country.

Night Clubs and City Life
Niteclubs and singles dance sites.

Oriental & Belly Dance

Page provides links to pages with information on Polka in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virgina,

Salsa Calendar
Upcoming Salsa Events posted to The Mid-Atlantic DanceNet.

Square Dance
Square and Round dancing in Metro Washington, DC. Upcoming classes. Upcoming workshops and conventions. Square Dance shopping links.

Viennese Waltz
Local information on Viennese Events, syllabus, links, and some old  newsgroup discussion.

Dance Programs on TV
Schedule of competitions, documentaries, and classic dance movies shown onWashington DC area TV and national networks.

Dance Instructional Material and Articles
Links to some of the better dance articles on Web sites that have lesson or description  of steps,  and what is articles.

Dance Calendars
Calendars for dance studios, regularly scheduled events, special dance parties, workshops and seminars, Salsa, Swing, Tango and more.

Information on newsletters and magazines, eMail lists, newsgroups, dance books.

International Dance Websites (as in, NON USA Websites)

Websites to Search

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