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   Revised Rate Card Effective July 1, 2011

Mid-Atlantic DanceNet Website and Mid-Atlantic DanceNews eMail Updates combination is the best comprehensive on-line source of information in Metro Washington DC, Metro, Baltimore, DelMarVa, N. VA, Charlottesville, Richmond, S. Central PA ........and the USA

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For fast, easy, and
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It's easy for Dancers to Subscribe to the Free Mid-Atlantic DanceNews eMail Updates, posting frequent notices of events and invitations for subscribers to view, studio calendars, updated Sponsor Web Sites, further information on announcements and ads on the Mid-Atlantic DanceNet Web Site

The DanceNet is designed for your customers to easily find you. Mid-Atlantic DanceNet is registered with all of the major Web Search engines, so when Dancers search the Web for Dancing, they find Mid-Atlantic DanceNet.

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  • The Rates: for Advertising in the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews eMail Updates are outlined below. (Scroll down a bit)
    For ads booked on or after July 1, 2011:

  • How: Simply type up your announcement on your eMail message screen exactly as you wish it to appear, so that we can copy n' paste it DIRECTLY to the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews.
    Then eMail the message to: Mid-Atlantic DanceNews

  • OR
    Use the online submission form.
    Connect to the form at:
    Mid-Atlantic DanceNews Event Submission Form.
    Guidelines for Submitting
    free & paid notices clik here

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  • M. W. Gordon sNail to:
    Attn:  M. W. Gordon
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    For fast, easy, and
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    Mid-Atlantic DanceNet encourages you to use the PayPal system. PayPal is fast, free and secure! The system is useful to pay anything where there is an eMail address - all with the click of a mouse, (and it would be useful for you in receiving payment from your clientele, especially when advance registration is desirable/required for events.

  • Standard Announcement: FREE!

  • Just send your notice typed or pasted directly on your eMail msg. screen to Mid-Atlantic DanceNews and we'll post it... as many as 4 times! Friday the week before the event, Monday the Week of, Wednesday and on the Weekend Wrap. We MAY edit for space or other reasons.
  • The rates below for Advertising in the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews eMail Updates apply to ads booked on or after July 1, 2011.
Rates to Advertise
on Mid-Atlantic DanceNet's
Mid-Atlantic DanceNews eMail Updates
Guidelines for Submitting
free & paid notices

clik here
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    To assure all Sponsors the full promotional impact of their ad, there is only ONE Sponsor Banner monthly.
    Reservations are noted, payment due First Day of the preceding month, otherwise the first check in the mailbox secures the upcoming month. Indications of interest are noted for tickler file follow up and promises are generally directed toward the hope chest.

  • Sponsors of the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews may place a small Ad following the Sponsorship Banner providing the very best exposure to 4000+ Dancers 3 days weekly for that month. (Changes of copy are NOT contemplated at these rates.)

  • Web Site Sponsors may place a "Standing" Ad in the body of the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews, @$45 per month.
  • Discount rate for Sponsors: 3 months for $120; 12 months for $450.

  • Advertisers who are not Sponsors are offered "Standing" Ads
    in the body of the Mid-Atlantic DanceNews @$50 per month.
  • Discount rate for non-Sponsors: 3 months for $135; 12 months for $500.
  • Contact Advertising to take advantage of these savings.

  • Other "Standing Ads"
  • The Featured Ad slots are $65 per month for Mid-Atlantic DanceNet Web Site Sponsors, $75 for others.
  • The First Featured Ad Slot, following the Sponsor Banner and Sponsor's Ad is $85, $70 for Sponsors.
  • Discounts for 3 month purchases:
  • Featured Ad slots: $200; $165 for Sponsors
  • The First Featured Ad Slot: $225; $190 for Sponsors

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    Whether a Home Page or Website is hosted by Mid-Atlantic DanceNet, you can be a Sponsor and be listed as a "Featured Site". Your sponsor icon (See samples & left) will be placed on Mid-Atlantic DanceNet's Gateway Page and Information Content pages. The icon can be a direct "hot link" to your own Website. Some "extra attention" on the Mid-Atlantic Dance News eMail Updates is included especially regarding your Website Updates.

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~ Display Ad Rates ~
Mid-Atlantic DanceNet
Page Title
Main Page
Plus Ad prep fee as required.
Special Events Calendar
DCSwingNet Calendar
Shopping Center (Top)
Competitions Main Page
Dance Camps, Cruises, Vacations
$150/Quarterly - M-ADN Sponsor
Plus Ad prep fee as required.


$40 per month, or $100/3months for Sponsors

Box Ad Rates on the Shopping Page:

Studio Calendars
Recurring Events Calendar
Where to Go Dancing
DanceNet Site Map
Dance Calendars
Workshop Calendar
Monthly Competitions Calendars
Bands & Music Page
Latin/Salsa Page
Tango Page

Rates for Display Ads
380 pixels wide by 250 pixels high
on these pages:
$100/M-ADN Sponsor
Plus Ad prep fee as required.

Misc. Classes
Today's eMail
About DCDN
Other Competiton Calendars

$75/DCDN Sponsors
Plus make up fee

Guest Book
Post Events

$60/DCDN Sponsor
Plus make up fee

National Ballroom
DanceWeek Calendar
Other Holiday or Celebration
Day Calendars
$50/Ad DCDN Sponsors
Plus make up fee

For Text only box ads on the Shopping page:
In a Merchandize Section with only 1 Merchant's ad in one of the 5 columns:

     $10/mo, or $100 for 12 months, Pd in Adv.
The double col ads, one merchant taking 2 entire columns or 1/2 half of 2 adjacent columns:

     $17.50/mo or $175 for 12 months, PIA
A 3 column ad, one merchant taking 3 entire columns or 1/2 half of 3 adjacent columns:
     $25/mo or $250 for 12 months, PIA
A 4 column ad, one merchant taking 4 entire columns or 1/2 half of 4 adjacent columns:
     $32.50/mo or $325 for 12 months, PIA

A half column ad, (2 Merchant ads per col) rates are $7.50/mo or $75 for 12 mo. PIA

An entire 5 column "row" would be $37.50/mo or $375 for 12 months, PIA

Add an image, regular or animated to your ad for $5 per month or $50 PIA

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